Sunday, March 4, 2018

Classroom Update

Hi Everyone!

Here is an update on many of the things that have been happening in the classroom lately:

The students have been immersed in reading biographies, choosing from a wide variety of important people who made great contributions to the world. We have been following the format of the "Somebody...Wanted...But...So...Then..."which helps the students identify what our subject wanted but what were the big struggles that were getting in the way. Also what they did to overcome those struggles and then what they did to further their dreams. Soon your child will pick one biography to focus on and "become" for our wax museum (more info soon)

We have started our Opinion Writing Unit. The students chose to create their first task by writing an opinion piece to persuade me to get a class pet! So after reviewing their compelling reasons on how it would better our classroom environment and create more responsibility I have agreed. Picture of said fish will be coming soon! Now, we have moved on to writing more opinion speeches to share our ideas (thesis) about problems and thinking of ways to find solutions. We will also write pieces that focus on our feelings about a special person, place or thing that might be noteworthy and that we want to share with the rest of the audience.

The Solar System will be our science focus for the next few weeks. So far we have been learning about the planets and their order. Soon we will learn about the phases of the moon!

Social Studies:
We have wrapped up our country learning. It was great to have the students learn about so many different cultures around the world. We were able to have some parents in that volunteered to speak about either their native country or a country they have lived in. The students loved this! It's not too late for anyone else that would like to come in and share! Please email me if you are interested:)

Our jobs as mathematicians continue and we have been strengthening our multiplication and division skills. We have been using the order of operations to help guide us in solving number stories too. Right now we are working on measurement, specifically liquid volume.

Important Events:

Reading Across America Day & Dr. Seuss:
We have had a lot of fun celebrating this past Friday. In our Community Meeting we gathered to read together and show our Red, White and Black!

MEA Testing:
In the next few weeks we will begin our MEA testing. The testing will be administered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for the weeks of March 19th and 26th. Prior to the testing we will have opportunities to practice sample questions on the iPads, as well as build in other test taking strategies.

March 16th: Wear GREEN to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and hopefully the coming of Spring soon:)
March 16th: Yarmouth's Got Talent! Always an exciting show! 


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Class Update

Hello Everyone!
I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! I wanted to send out a quick update on some of the things the students and I have been working on.

We continue to work on our nonfiction reading unit. We are now beginning to compare various texts and resources on topics and compare and contrast information.

The students have become informational writers! They have self-selected a topic and have begun the writing process, working to create mini books.

Right now we're in unit 5, which focuses on fractions and continues the work to strengthen multiplication facts as well

Social Studies:
We have been learning about different cultures around the world. Also, the students have been working on researching his or her chosen country. 

Important Dates:
January 26th: Wacky Sock Day and new sock donations
January 29th: Country Projects Due
February 2nd: Families visit our "Tour of the World" 2:30 p.m.
Winter Conferences-Beginning of February (more to come)

Friday, October 20, 2017

Classroom Update

What a fun last few weeks we have been having in the classroom!

Reading: We finished out first unit which was focused on "Building Our Reading Lives". This unit helped us know ourselves as readers, what works well and helped to set goals for each of us. We worked on strategies to stay focused on the text and what to do when things get "fuzzy." Now we have moved into our Characters Unit and recently discussed what it means to "walk in the character's shoes." We have reading Because of Winn Dixie as our mentor text. Oh, and the students and I started the Took a Book system where students can take out a classroom book to bring home. This book is for enjoyment and may or may not be at his or her level.

Writing: We have been working on collecting personal narrative moments in our writer's notebooks. We have also focused on using different types of leads to get the listener excited to hear more! Now we are focused on picking one piece to bring through the revising and publication process. You will have a chance to read these at school soon. More to come later!

Math: We finished up our first unit a bit ago and took our first assessment. Those will come home today to review with your child. This past week we have been working on many activities around multiplication and division. We also practiced a quick fact fluency sheet to see how well we know our basic facts. A favorite of the week was playing array bingo, which helps to visualize multiplication!

Science: In geology, we learned about the rock cycle, the three main rocks and how volcanoes form. We did experiments on our rock and used Seesaw to share that at home (the talking rock!). Also we just started to focus on how fascinating fossil s are and why they are so important.

Lastly, I was able to attend a conference last week where I was able to learn some great resources for use with technology. One was Skyping with SafariLive. Today the students and I went on a live Safari in South Africa!!! We were able to ask them questions and have them answered by the guides, we got to see hippos, cheetahs and hyenas. It was so exciting!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Class Update

We had another wonderful week working on creating a supportive classroom community! The students and I worked on what their hopes would be for this upcoming school year. After that, we brainstormed expectations for all of us to follow to help support those goals.

Reading: We have started our first unit, Building a Reading Life. So far we have focused on learning what works well for each of us when we read. These things might include noise level, body position, what our minds are focused on, time of day, etc. Next, we reviewed ways to pick "just right" books. Also we began our read aloud, Stone Fox.

Math: This week we began using number grids to solve for differences between numbers. We played a few fun math games. We also used math tools like small clocks and calculators. Healthy homework habits were discussed while completing homework together.  Homework will start to come home this week to be completed with your support and returned to school the next day. One other fun activity we did was creating a birthday graph on the iPads using Seesaw. (We will discuss Seesaw further at Open House). The kids were very excited!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Successful First Week!

What a great week back to school! The students and I filled these days with lots of activities to help get to know each other better and review and learn our school routines. Throughout the week we read a handful of great books focusing on being unique and kind to others. Some of those were:


A few other things that topped our week were playing the math game Farkle, having a playground exploration, and doing a Breakout focusing on our creativity! Here are a few photos from the week!


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer Greetings!

Hello New Third Graders!

I hope you are all enjoying summer and are making great memories! Now that it is August, I will be getting our room ready for the upcoming year and am so excited to meet all of you soon!

I hope you can make our drop-in day on Thursday, August 31st from 9:30-10:30. This a great time to see our new space, meet some classmates and meet me too. Also please feel free to bring your supplies with you on this day so you can drop them off in the classroom.