Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Happened This Week?

Bloggers: Tristan and Aaron

Welcome to our first classroom blog, narrated by Tristan and Aaron this week.  Mrs. Wentworth's class week in review:

On Monday, we started our morning meeting by saying "Namaste" which is Hindi.  In math, we play digit games and used Base 10 blocks.  We visited the Bookfair in the library and it was fun.  If we brought money we could buy books.  In Writer's Workshop, we talked about small moment stories and tried to picture movies in our mind.  We then had our preview spelling test.  In Guidance, we listened to the book, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?".  We also played a game called Cooseki, where one person goes in the hallway and then has to come back in and guess who the chief is in the room. For closing circle we sang the "Goodbye Song."

Tuesday morning we took a bus to Wolfe Neck Park.  We ate snacks at the park. We sat on the log benches and listened to the park ranger.  He showed us real arrow heads that we passed around.   We listened to a couple of legends about Wabanacki Indians.  Tristan and Aaron's favorite legend was the one about the 3 men, who each had a wish.  One wanted to be the tallest around, one wanted a long, healthy life and the third one wanted to look at the beautiful view. The men were turned into trees and the ranger showed us the 3 trees in the park that represented each man and his wish.  When we returned to school we discussed "proof it" and looked to make sure we spell everything right in our writing.   In Art, we finished our shadow boxes with bugs and we got to take them home.  At Closing Circle we had an inside circle and an outside circle.  A person in the outside circle had to whisper a good thing that had happened to the person in the inside circle and they would whisper back.  Then the circle would rotate and you shared with a new person.

Wednesday's greeting we sang "Friends in our Class" and it rhymes with the "Addams Family" song.  We made Leaf Animals out of leaves and pine needles.  Tristan made a chameleon and Aaron made a bird.  They were laminated and are now hanging in the hallway outside the classroom.  Then....
THE BUTTERFLY GOT AWAY!!!  It was flying around in the netted cage and started beating against the side so hard it opened the velcro and escaped.  Mrs. Wentworth snuck up behind the butterfly and it flew into her hand, so she safely put it back in the netted cage.  In Reader's Workshop, we discussed strategies to solve unknown words.  One strategy is to split the word in half and find words inside.  We worked with our writing partners and shared our stories.  The partners asked questions and provided feedback.  At gym, we played jewel collectors.  We jogged and ran around the gym.

We started Thursday with a handstack and cheer.  We took turns putting hands on top of the other.
We played the game "Off My Back".   We put stickies on our backs that named an animal and other people had to give hints to help us guess what animal we were.  During math we practiced a few games to help us review place value. We read "A Kissing Hand" in class and focused on endings of words like "ing, er and "ed" when we are reading.  For Writer's Workshop, we discussed stretching out moments, where you have a short story and you stretch it out like bubble gum to make a longer story.  In Music, we sang the Halloween song.  Mrs. Renton dressed up like an old lady!

Our Friday greeting was "Jambo", which is hello is Swahili.  We did "catchup & mustard", where we catch up on work we didn't get to complete this week.  We read on our own during Reader's Workshop.  We used our fingers to plan a story across our hand:   beginning - middle - end.  We had our unit 4 spelling test.  Our special today was computer, where we got to listen to Native American legends about animals. Also, we got to learn a new spelling resource to help review our words. We ended our week in closing circle where we had reflection and were paired up to give a compliment and get a compliment about something that happened over the week!

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