Monday, November 11, 2013

What Happened this Week

Bloggers: Walter and Annabella

We started our morning meeting on Monday by saying "Bonjour" and doing stretches.  On Wednesday and Friday, we did "Skip 2" in a circle where we skip 2 people and then say "Good Morning."   You continue around the circle until everyone is greeted.  We learned "Konnichiwa" and "O-Si- Yo" (Cherokee Native American).   We also played "Up Close" with a magnifying glass to greet the person next to us saying "So nice to SEE you."  For activities, we played Acka Backa, Soda Cracka", "Popcorn" where we get to move around a lot and get energized for the day. We also played "Coseeki", where one person goes in the hall, comes back in and has 3 guesses which classmate is the the chief.
Ry and Sam playing Addition Spin

In math, we practiced making change by pretending to buy things and getting change back from our purchase.  We had a math test and played addition spin.  Wednesday we discussed change diagram "Fish Stories". Here is an example: Fish L weighs 100 lbs and eats Fish Y, who weighs 2 lbs.  How much does Fish L now weigh? We also worked on Part, Part, Total as a different way to do addition.  On Friday we discussed temperature and the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

We focused on our Native American unit during Reader and Writer's Workshop this week.   Monday, we learned why Native Americans came to America.  We read The Legend of Blue Bonnet.  We did Tribe learning and reading. Mrs. Wentworth has put us into different tribes for reading groups to represent the 4 different areas of the United States. This week we met to become experts of our tribe. Next week we'll teach others about our tribe.  We saw a presentation on Native American we we learned about how local Native American tribes lived, animals they used to survive and we even got to play different handmade instruments.

During Writer's Workshop and Word Study, we worked on editing and revising our stories.  We also worked on our small moment stories.   We read Memoirs of a Gold Fish and discussed adding details to our stories.
We also got to play spelling games on the computer.  Check out "Spell City" under resources on the YES website. We practiced Unit 6 spelling words this week and had our test on Friday.  We learned about homophone and homonyms after reading The King Who Rained.  Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently, like "no" and "know".  Homonyms are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings, like "bat" (animal) and "bat" (that you swing).

During our specials this week, we played a baseball game in Guidance, where you greeted different classmates depending on if you hit a "single", "double" or "homerun".  In Art, we finished our nature weaving.  In PE, we used hula hoops, played a bean bag game and played a skunk tag game where you yelled "skunks are out" once you were in the middle circle.  We sang patriotic songs in Music, such as the "Grand Ole Flag."  We headed to the library on Friday to pick out new books.

Our closing circle this week, we played "123 - POP", where we count off 1, 2, 3 and the next person says "POP" and says something good about their day.  On Tuesday, we each said our hope for tomorrow.  Wednesday, we learned hand signs for goodbye.  We had a talking stick on Thursday where we shared what we learned about Native Americans.

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  1. You had another exciting week together learning. One of my favorite stories in The Legend of Blue Bonnet. I hope I could have done what she did for her people. I think I need to plan to spend more time in your room!
    Ms. Lane