Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Happened This Week with Zach and Anna

This week's bloggers:  Anna & Zach

We greeted each other this week saying "Aloha", "Konnichiwa" and "Shalom".  We did "Skip Two", "Chief" and "Around the Circle" as greetings during morning meeting this week.  On Monday, we played "Brecky Toss" where we toss a squishy caterpillar to the next person to and say "Hello".  On Wednesday, we played "Mater 'D" where  Mrs. Wentworth gave a topic for each table to discuss, like "What do we hope to do tomorrow?".  We did a brain break called "I'm Melting" where we pretend to throw a bucket of water on someone and they pretend to melt like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.  On Friday, we did "5 Pop" where we count 5 people and the 5th person stands up and says "Pop".  We also did "Parts Partners".  Mrs. Wentworth decides what body part and then you and your partner need to touch toes, elbows, hands or hips.

In Math on Monday, we read Greedy Triangle and we learned about 3D and 2D shapes.  On Tuesday, we participated in the national program called "Hour of Code."  You can learn more about the week of learning code across all grades nationally at  We each wrote computer code for a game that told the game character to turn left, turn right, etc.  It was cool! We also had iPad time to work on math facts. This week we learned about symmetry.  We talked about symmetry in shapes and how snowflakes are symmetrical.  For homework, we looked for items that were symmetrical around our house.  On Friday, we did a math assessment.
We practiced building math fact power with the iPads!

We finished reading Clementine this week.  We discussed Clementine's traits and feelings.  We made a poster that outlined her feelings and traits throughout the book. We also discussed how the traits might change as the book progresses.  We made a chart for Clementine to help us remember on how to retell a story.  We started a new book Gooney Bird Greene. She is very unique!

For Writer's Workshop we read Do Like Kyla and discussed our "many moments" stories.  On Wednesday, we reread all of our writing and picked 2 of our best to conference about with Mrs. Wentworth. Then we will narrow it to one to publish for our upcoming author celebration.  On Thursday, instead of writing, we read Time for Kids about allergies to food. That magazine went home on Friday to share with families  In Handwriting & Spelling, we worked on Unit 9 and discussed how to spell words differently when you add different suffixes.

During Guidance on Monday, we watched a video on kindness.  We drew pictures of a kindness chain. In Art we worked on finishing our clay bells to bring home (shhhh, they might be a special gift for someone).  During our extra special on Tuesday, we did a science lesson where we read Curious Garden and investigated a skull.  We focused on asking good questions and were asked to bring in evidence from home that might help us guess what animal the skull came from.  In PE, we played "Let It Fly" where we threw balls over a mat to a team on the other side.  They tried to catch the balls and throw them back over the mat.  In Music,  we talked about The Nutcracker story and did a jinglebell dance.

A few things we did this week in Closing Circle was to say "See Ya Tomorrow" and underhand toss a ball to the person next to you and say goodbye.  The last person to catch the ball says goodbye to the whole class. Also we gave class compliments or individual compliments when saying goodbye to each other.

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