Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello, November!

We've been busy in room 208!

In Morning Meeting, we've greeted each other with a fun activity and a multi-cultural hello, like: Konichiwa or Guten Tag. We've shared activities like: Remember When, I Used to Think, One Word Vote, Rare Bird, Alibi, and Happy Birthday Wishes to Aaron and Sonja! 

Here is our new "November" poem by John Updike:

Mrs. Wentworth stopped in to visit with Josie last week. Here they are!

In Math, we've tackled addition and subtraction number stories, finding differences, ballpark estimates, and various new methods for adding and subtracting. Last week we practiced counting up and trading in subtraction.

In Writing, our writing partners, Mrs. Moore, and Ms. Sleeper have been helping us to edit and add details to our personal narratives. We have each selected a story to publish in Google Classroom. Mrs. Moore read the book Witch Hazel to us, and we discussed alliteration writing techniques. 

In Spelling this week, we've focused on the OY and OI spellings for the OY sound. 

In Reading, we've continued to meet with our reading groups, and we are studying characters in both Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl and Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. 

Here we are, listening to Tiger Rising:

In Science, we've continued our study of Geology. We've learned about the importance of healthy watersheds and the water cycle from Mrs. Debigun, who visited with the Cumberland County Water District. We each created a model of a village. We've also studied different types of rock, the rock cycle, and volcanoes. We created Starburst and crayon sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock, and we've played Geology Jeopardy with student-written questions. We were all very excited to go on 2 field trips to both the Yarmouth High School rock wall and Mt. Apatite!

Here are a few pictures:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Rock!

This week in school….

During Morning Meeting- we've shared birthday wishes with Lucia and Clara, played games like Chief and Alibi, and shared a message about our day.  Happy Birthday Lucia and Clara! On Friday, we heard a preview storytelling session from Mr. Mason and everyone really enjoyed the story. Thank you Mr. Mason!

In Math, we've been studying fact families, fact extensions, algebraic thinking equations, Function Machines, T-charts, Fact Triangles, problem solving strategies, and story problems. We also reviewed clocks, and studied the Communicative Property using gummy bears. Yum!

Some of us chose to share our work with the class using the projector.

In Writing, we've continued our personal narratives. We've been meeting with our Writing Buddies to edit our stories. We've reviewed how to write a good lead and use punctuation like a period, question mark, and exclamation point. For an extra challenge, we've learned about other punctation too, like: the colon, semi-colon, apostrophe, and comma. We've also helped our partner to find where we should have capital letters in our stories, and we've practiced editing leads to Ms. Sleeper's and classmates stories. 

In Spelling, we studied the "or" sound for the "Skill of the Week", and we brainstormed words with the or, oar, our, and oor patterns.

In Handwriting, we've been practicing cursive each day. Although it's really tempting to move ahead and want to zoom into knowing how to write all the letters, Ms. Sleeper is encouraging us to follow along with her step-by-step directions.

In Reading, we've continued to meet with our groups. We've studied book characters this week. The Dad from Danny Champion of the World has turned out to be a very complex and interesting character to study. "Persuasive" is the favorite word the class came up with to describe Dad. We've brainstormed lots of other words that describe his character traits, and we've described a character we'd like to meet from our group books. We've also rated the lead (or 1st few sentences) of classic literature to see if the story "hooked" us or left us with questions.

In Science, we've watched a movie about the changing geological landscape of the western part of the US. We've also reviewed our rock identification of 10 Maine rocks. Ms. Sleeper is extremely impressed with our skills! (She said news crews should watch us in action!)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello, Hylo, Namaste, Sawadee!

Hello to you all, in every language!

Here are a few upcoming dates:
Monday, October 20th from 11:50 - 12:10 - Class YES Book Fair visit
Wednesday, October 22nd from 9:55 - 10:25 - Class YES Book Fair visit
Monday, October 20th - Friday, October 24th - YES Book Fair
Friday, October 24th, 8:40 am - Preview, 'Stage Fright' - Storyteller, Dave Mason 
Tuesday, October 28th, Picture Retake Day
Wednesday, October 29th, Storyteller 'Stage Fright' - YES Gym, 5:30 pm Grades K-4, PTO (7pm, Grades 5-8)
Friday, October 31st, Grade 3 Field Trip, Mt. Apatite

Here's a summary of our last few weeks in Grade 3:

In Morning Meeting, we've continued to share a multi-cultural hello, and read a brief message from Ms. Sleeper each day. Here are some of the activities we've participated in: Silent Communication Counting, Pet Stories, Middle Name Game, Fishing For a Buddy, Chief, and good-ol' Chatty Ball.

In Math, we've tackled: calculating years, elapsed time, money, and algebraic thinking. We've reviewed chance, probability, Name Collection Boxes, big and little numbers, and much, much more. On Friday, we ended Unit 1 in our book and completed the unit assessment. For "Extra-Math" in the afternoons, some of us have have met with Ms. Sleeper in small groups as we caught up on our journal work and reviewed "fuzzy" concepts. We've also worked on math facts and begun problem solving in 'Figure It Out' booklets. 

In Writing, we've continued to revise our personal stories. We met with our partners and Ms. Sleeper to receive feedback. Ms. Sleeper introduced new methods like timelines, "time waves", and webs to plan our stories. Mrs. Moore visited and shared little parts of toys she brought in a box. Some of the parts fit together to make a tiny bicycle; the pieces represented parts within our stories to revise: those that fit, do not fit, and need to be added. She used a tiny screwdriver to put the bike together, mimicking our writing tools we can use to write our stories: like sticky notes, extra paper, partner reading, and partner feedback. Ms. Sleeper also reviewed punctuation marks, and we edited lots of sentences together. 

In Spelling, we've done "Word Work" activities, like: word searches, word scrambles, Fix It, Find It, Add It, and Double-handed Writing.  We've also made spelling "Anchor Charts", studied long vowels, and OW and OU sounds. 

In Handwriting, we worked in our Handwriting Without Tears journals. Many of us found this work really fun!

In Reading, we've discussed how while we read, we can imagine or visualize the story - and each of us can have a unique movie playing in our heads. We've studied characters and their traits, and Ms. Sleeper read a few chapters from Danny Champion of the World. Afterwards, we brainstormed what each of us were able to picture (about these characters) in our heads as she read. We've also continued to read self-selected and teacher-selected books with our reading buddies and with Ms. Sleeper in our reading groups. 

In Science, we explored a computer activity Ms. Sleeper helped make with USGS (US Geological Survey). This activity demonstrates the minerals we can find in our homes and everyday lives.  It's shocking to see that there's gold in our cell phones, or feldspar in our toilets! Here is the 'Minerals In the Home' activity link:

We shared rocks and minerals, sorted and identified sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks, created a jar of water with sediments, and began to color and cut a paper globe-representation of the layers of the earth. 

Here we are sorting our rocks:

We used the Geology Rocks! posters below to sort our rocks and minerals. 
(Ms. Sleeper helped design these posters.)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Good-bye, September. Hello, October!

So, it was our last week in September and our first week of October -- all wrapped in one!

For Morning Meeting, we played the Middle Name Game, and we tried challenges like Silent Communication Counting. Many of us took the challenge to memorize the "September" poem by John Updike before the month ended. 

"September" and "October", by John Updike: 


The breezes taste of apple peel.
The air is full of smells to feel.

Ripe fruit, old footballs, burning brush.
New books, erasers, chalk and such.

The bee, his hive, well-honeyed hums.
And mother cuts chrysanthemums.

Like plates washed clean with suds, the days 
are polished with a morning haze.


The month is amber, gold and brown.
Blue ghosts of smoke float through the town.

Great V's of geese honk overhead,
and maples turn and fiery red.

Frost bites the lawn. The stars are slits-
in a black cat's eye before she spits.

At last, small witches, goblins, hags,
and pirates armed with paper bags.

Their costumes hinged on safety pins,
go haunt a night of pumpkin grins.

In Math, we reviewed telling time, moving around the number grid, clocks, measuring, and more. We also reviewed probability, chance, and challenged ourselves to figure out all the possible dice rolls that were both larger and smaller than Ms. Sleeper's. We studied how our calculators work, and we speedily tapped away on our calculators to arrive at the smallest and largest numbers in the class! We practiced adding coins, and we wrote our money totals in the new way, like this: $0.10, or this: $0.05. 

In Writer's Workshop, we continued to write true stories about our lives. Many of us have shared our writing with the whole group and with our partners. Suggestions and comments we've received from classmates have helped us to craft, expand, and revise our stories. Mrs. Moore visited us again this week, and we discussed finding the best titles for our writing. Ms. Sleeper read us a short story, and given several options, we voted on the very best title for the piece. We also brainstormed transition words we could use that might take the place of the word "then".

In Spelling, we reviewed long vowel sounds and brainstormed a bunch of long vowel words. Ms. Sleeper is always amazed at our limitless ideas when we have the opportunity to write on our charts! 

For our "Word Work" this week we studied long vowels with both a word scramble and word search.

In Reading, we read books with a reading buddy and on our own, and Ms. Sleeper began selecting group reading books and meeting with groups; she also interviewed us each about the books we are choosing. We had mini-lessons about selecting books, reading with a buddy, selecting "just right" books, and finishing an entire book with one partner before we start another book with another partner. 

We began our new read aloud, Danny Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl. Ms. Sleeper's copy is pretty tattered from the multiple times she's read it! 

In Science, we've continued to study rocks, minerals, and the earth. Ms. Sleeper shared images from the underground gypsum caves in Mexico, and we made a cut-out pattern for a pop-up, cardboard dodecahedron. We discovered the center of the dodecahedron is a pentagon, with each angle measuring 108 degrees. We've also worked on our laptops to play geology games Ms. Sleeper helped design. Here's the link to these games:

Here is a picture of a scientist in an "ice suit" climbing on crystals inside the Mexican gypsum caves:

Here are pictures that show how to make a pop-up dodecahedron:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Found Gems!

It's been another eventful week as third graders at YES! 

Where to begin? So many things to write about this week…….

Each day in Morning Meeting, we greeted each other with a friendly "Ni Hao!" We participated in activities like the Middle Name Game, and happy birthday wishes for Walter. Happy Birthday Walter!

In Math, we learned about graphing, measuring, clocks, chance, and probability. We graphed the letters in our first names, last names, and the size of our watermelons we picked from the YES garden. We were introduced to new math words like mean, median, mode, and range. Ms. Sleeper shared a few tricks to remember our math words, like; "The mean teacher made us add up all those numbers to find the average number!"

Here are our watermelon graphs:

In Writer's Workshop we shared and wrote 'seed stories" that are based on our lives. Mrs. Moore visited this week to help us with writing, and she told us all how excited she is to work with our talented bunch! She explained that finding our special moments to write about is a lot like finding gems. Ms. Sleeper shared another Rosemary Wells book called, Moris's Disappearing Bag. We marveled at the author's ability to express all of Moris's complicated feelings, by showing and not telling us how Moris felt.

In Spelling and Handwriting, we began to explore the spelling patterns in Unit 1 Sitton Spelling, and we participated in "Word Work" lessons on "-ed and -d" endings and "-ight" patterns. We also brainstormed lots and lots of words with short and long vowels. In Cursive, we took a quick peek at our new cursive workbook.

In Reading, we had a a few mini-lessons about "Building Our Reading Lives", and the "Daily 5" reading choices, and we read with Reading Buddies and Ms. Sleeper. We also brainstormed ways to use our little Sticky Notes as we devour a good book. We're collecting a plethora of little yellow notes with words we find super-interesting or challenging!

In Science, we shared more rocks and minerals with classmates. Some of us are now official Rock Hounds! (Beware of heavy loads in our backpacks!!)

On Friday, the moment arrived when we sluiced through tailings from Mt. Mica. Our enthusiasm was a sight to behold ---- But, we found GEMS!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Growing Each Day!

Our Morning Meeting greeting this week was the Greek "Kalemera!" We all had an opportunity to whip-share our favorite weekend activity, play with the "Chatty Ball", and continue to share our Morning Message along with rocks and minerals from home.

By 8:50 each day we are off to our "Special" and then back for a hearty snack before we begin math. In Library, we selected 2 books this week, and by next week we'll be able to select 3. Before we selected books, Ms. Sleeper asked us to recall favorite read-aloud authors' names. 

In Math, we've been practicing how to write and say numbers, search for items in our Everyday Math reference book, make clocks and tell time. We've also set up our math "Tool Kits" and found "Clock Buddy" math partners. 

In Writing, we've worked on our "seed ideas" about special memories, people, places, and pets. We heard a heart-warming read-aloud about a special bond with a little brown dog called, The Old Woman Who Named Things, by Henry and Mudge author Cynthia Rylant. This book was a BIG hit! 

Later in the week, Mrs. Moore visited our Writer's Workshop to talk with us about "seed vs. watermelon" stories, and we all took a trip to see the watermelons we planted with her last spring in our YES garden. (Mrs. Moore is a published author who'll be visiting our workshop weekly). As an added bonus, Riley released 2 beautiful monarch butterflies into our garden that she has nurtured.  

Everyone got to pick and taste watermelon. We decided our watermelon tasted better than store-bought, since we planted them! 

Later in the week, we each had an opportunity to use our "seed ideas" to write a story about a time when we felt happy, nervous, excited, scared, proud, or sad. We also began our first spelling unit and began to work in our Word Work Journal.

In Science we've continued to each have an opportunity to share a special rock or mineral from home. We've seen beautiful granite pegmatites, citrine and quartz crystals, basalt in the shape of a whale, and more! A big thank you to our classmates who have shared; we are all scientists! We've also heard a book about minerals and discussed if coal is a rock, mineral, or neither. What do you think?

In Reading, Ms. Sleeper has continued to read with us individually while we explore our selected books. We also had our Reading MAP Assessment on Tuesday. Later in the week, Ms. Sleeper introduced the "Daily 5" choices we can make during reading. 

And….on Monday, we had a visit from our Computer teacher Mrs. Wolinski. She spoke with us about how use of our laptops is a privilege, and she explained that we use our computers for educational purposes.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Second Week!

Here are just a few highlights from our second week….

Our greeting this week was a friendly, "Ciao!" followed by a group-building activity and Morning Message. After our message, we have our "Special" each day.

Our Weekly Specials:
Monday - PE
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - Art
Friday - Guidance

Morning Meeting and Closing Circle activities this week included: 3 or 4 Words About Our Weekend, The String Game, The Animal Sounds Activity, The Chatty Ball, reciting the "September" Poem by John Updike, and Books We L-O-V-E. (These last two activities are optional; students can memorize the monthly poem if they wish to, and they have the option to bring in and show a book to the class and share why it's special to them.)

Ms. Sleeper shared books with extra-special memories for her- like First Tomato, by Rosemary Wells, and If You Find a Rock, by Peggy Christian.

In Math, we shared "Math All Around Us" cut-outs from home and made a class collage. We explored our Everyday Math materials, reviewed the class number grid, and wrote the BIGGEST and smallest numbers we could write and say on our own whiteboards. On Tuesday we had our MAP Math Assessment. 

In Writing, we composed "I Am" poems to share at Open House this Monday. We also wrote about our Hopes and Dreams for this school year.

In Reading, we had an interesting discussion about the things that have worked well and not-so-well for us as readers. Ms. Sleeper finished our read-aloud, The Boy Who Talked With Animals, by Roald Dahl. We talked about why that story and author captivated us, and whether the story was fiction or non-fiction. Ms. Sleeper also continued to meet with us individually to read together.

From 'The Boy Who Talked With Animals'- "We sees that old monster turtle swimming away out there, the one on the beach yesterday, and we sees the boy sitting high up on the turtle's back and riding him over the sea like a horse!"

In Spelling, we finished our assessment of the Priority Words in 3rd grade. 

In Science, we shared things we wonder about. We also began our study of Geology. Some of our classmates have begun to bring in and share special rocks or minerals they've found, so we decided to share a few each day, when it's our "share day". 

Here are a few upcoming special dates:
Monday, September 15th - Open House (6pm)
Tuesday, September 16th - MAP Reading Assessment
Friday, September 19th - Picture Day!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome 3rd Graders!

Our first (short) week back to school was fun and eventful -- welcome baby Jocie Wentworth!

     Our first day, Ms. Sleeper introduced herself and our new students, Lenny and Myles, and then we were quickly off to Music class. Later, for a team-building activity, we set goals and built "Newspaper Towers" with small groups, using only a roll of masking tape and three newspapers. We planned out our strategies and created team flags with our building goals written on each; we could choose from: CREATIVE, STURDY, TALL, USEFUL, or a combination of 2 goals. We had a lot of fun, and learned about teamwork, planning, and working hard to achieve our goals. Later in the day, we discussed our classroom jobs, new and old routines, and we each posed for individual and group photos. 

     On Thursday, we greeted each other with a welcoming "Bonjour!", and the "Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee chant, and we read our Morning Message together. Our special was Art. Later, we shared our summer artifacts, asking our writing partners,"What does that remind you of?" Ms. Sleeper introduced the monthly poem, "September", by John Updike, and she challenged us to try to memorize the lines. She was able to remember almost every line……..with a little help from us. Later, we worked on spelling and reviewed our "Classroom Pledge" from last year. We also set up a few of our folders, and had a chance to check out our classroom library of books with friends. For a read-aloud, Ms. Sleeper shared the Roald Dahl short story, The Boy Who Talked With Animals. For science, we planned our much-anticipated trip to the pond behind the athletic fields. We learned about the aquatic macro-invertebrates that live in fresh water; we also learned about metamorphosis. To end the day, we did an activity called "Fist to Five", rating the events of the day from a closed fist to an open hand with one to five fingers. For another end-of-the-day activity, we lined up at the door for dismissal once we found a classmate who had chose our matching-length string.

On Friday, we discussed important pond safety rules, read our Morning Message, and had Guidance in the classroom as our special. After snack (and lots of water), we were off the the pond! Mrs. Moore joined us. When we got there, Ms. Sleeper and Mrs. Moore had an outdoor classroom all set up for us -with pond guides and dishpans full of icky but interesting pond plants and animals. We used spoons to find the invertebrates and vertebrates (like small fish), and transferred some of our discoveries to ice-cube trays for better observation. We found many giant water bugs, water scorpions, dragonfly larva, damselfly larva, and much more! We also each got to scoop directly from the pond in small groups. Lastly, we each had an opportunity to hold a dragonfly larva as it crawled up our hand! Later in the day we made individual goals for our classroom pledge. We also had reading, decorated our writing journal, and continued our spelling work. At the end of the day, Ms. Sleeper offered students canvas book bags to take home for the weekend if students would like to bring in and share books they have loved! 

Here are a few photos from our first days as 3rd graders:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Letter

Hello Third Graders!
I hope everyone has been enjoying summer, learning new things and having fun! I am feeling very well and getting ready for the baby, who will be here soon. Also I have been busy getting everything ready for all of you to start third grade off great! Even though I will miss you for a part of the year while I am home with the baby I know you will be having such an amazing experience with Mrs. Sleeper, who will be teaching for me while I am gone. I have included a message from her:

My name is Ms. Sleeper, and I am really excited to be your teacher while Mrs.
Wentworth is home with her new baby. I’m looking forward to meeting each of you and your
families and sharing our summer adventures. Prior to having our 2 children, Mae
and Ben, I was a 3rd grade teacher at your school for almost 10 years. For the past
9 years, I have been designing science curriculum and teaching 1000’s of students
yearly for the MSAD 75 and Brunswick Schools. I am a really curious person, and I
like to spend my free time exploring, reading, and going on family adventures with
my husband Rick and 2 children. It’s been a lot of fun meeting with Mrs. Wentworth
to discuss all the great learning experiences you’ve had at YES. I think you are really
going to enjoy all the fun, new things we are planning for this school year!
My school email will be:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 8.56.27 AM.png
Cheryl and her family hiking in Wyoming, summer 2013.

We hope you come to the drop-in day Thursday, August 28th anytime from 9:30-10:30. This is a great time to drop off any school supplies!
Also, on the first day of school we would like everyone to bring in an “artifact” that represents something that happened or that you did over the summer. For example, I could bring in a magnet from New York (where I went this summer) or a hammer to represent that I worked on some house projects. We’ll share these artifacts and use them for a writing project but they will come back home later.
Here are a few things to know:
Snacks: We will have a morning snack around 10:30 every morning. It is great when students have a large healthy snack to keep them going until lunchtime. (Our lunch is later in the day this year.)
Website: On our website there is a list of school supplies to bring in. Also it has our new schedule and some units we’ll be learning about this year.
Specials’ Schedule:
Monday: PE   Tuesday: Music      Wednesday: Library  Thursday:  Art      Friday: Guidance

I hope you enjoy your last few days of summer! I will look for you on the playground Tuesday morning.

Mrs. Wentworth & Mrs. Sleeper

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Greetings!

Hello Families!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and possibly saw each other at the Clam Festival this past weekend. I heard it was a great time.

I wanted to remind you to feel free to email me with any summer educational questions like good books to read, math activities to play, etc. I would be happy to recommend a few ideas.

I wanted to let you know I added a page on the side with a copy of the supply list in case anyone went school shopping early. I added a few helpful notes and pictures.

I am feeling well and taking it easy-lots of reading being done this summer! As well as planning the nursery! I will be in touch later this summer with more information for the fall.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Fish

Mr. and Mrs. Fish joined us to teach us about tide pools and many of the creatures that call it home!

Portland Museum of Art

The students had a great time observing and discussing art at the Museum. Our focus was on finding animals in art as well as visiting the artwork of local Maine artists. Of course there was so much to see in such a short time that I hope you will take a family trip to the museum soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

This week's bloggers are Lauren, Walter & Annie  

We had an exciting week of sharing special things. Here were a few we can tell you about: Tristan brought in crystals, Sam L. shared his Dad's baseball trophy, Anna brought in action figures and Walter showed his whistle from Switzerland. On Tuesday, Sonja shared a favorite stuffed moose. On Friday, Zach showed his crystals and Sam B displayed cleats from a Red Sox player. Favorite pets that visited our classroom included Lucia's fish named "Bubbles", Lauren's bunny named Jellybean, and Ry's toad. Greetings from this week included,"Konnichiwa" and "Bonjour". Morning activities included: "Cowboy, Gorilla & Ninja", shoe greeting and "Chief". We played "4 Corners" on Wednesday where each student stands in one of four corners in the room. The "caller" would say a number between 1-4 and that corner would be out. The remaining students would move around and again the caller would say a number between 1-4. The last remaining student won the game. We also did "sit & stand", where we would be sitting back to back linking arms with a partner and we had to work together to stand up at the same time.

 In Math, we reviewed telling time, and discussed time lines and how they can be used to tell history over a period of years. We also worked on estimates & "ball park" numbers, fact triangles, and multiplications. We used iPads to work on subtraction and learned how to use TimezAttack on the computer. On Friday, we started on division.

 For Reader's Workshop, we spent a lot of time on our "reader's theater" for our fairytale unit. Groups of students are working on performing a fairy tale play. We are working to use expression with our voice and how to show character feelings by how we act. We discussed how to infer by looking for clues in what the character says. Mrs. Wentworth read Magic Fish and we discussed characters, problems, feelings and what clues we could find. She read Princess and the Pizza on Tuesday and we discussed fractured stories where there is a different version than what we expect.

 In Writer's Workshop, there was time to go outside near the garden to gather poem ideas about nature. We worked on mystery poems and on word choice (using the "right" words). We worked on poetry description to "show, not tell" and did poem patterns on Friday. In spelling, we focused on words with the prefix of "re" and "un", like "redo." On Friday, we did the pre-test for Unit 21 words.

 In Art, we worked on our self portraits to be ready for Grandparents' Day. In our extra special Art, we looked at our art work for the year and choose our favorite one to share at Grandparents' Day. In Guidance, we discussed appropriate playground behavior while reading the book "Mean Jean the Recess Queen." We enjoyed the spring weather with an outside PE class on Wednesday. We played Bingo in Music.

 During Closing Circle this week, we played "pebble, pebble" and ball toss. We enjoyed the sun with an early recess on Tuesday and listened to the 4th grade concert on Wednesday. Friday, we ended our day by switching desks for next week!

There are lots of fun year end activities coming up so mark your calendar (more info to come):
Wednesday, May 21 - Field Trip to Portland Art Museum
Friday, May 23 - Grandparent & Grandfriends' Day
Tuesday, June 3 - Tide Pool Field Trip to Wolfe Neck State Park
Thursday, June 12th - Field Day Tuesday,
June 17th -Tide Pool Concert grade 2 10:45 and the Last Day of School, 12 Noon dismissal!

Friday, May 2, 2014

What Happened This Week with Tristan and Olive

This Week's Bloggers:  Tristan & Olive

We came back from April vacation and learned some new greetings.  On Monday,  we did the "Flighty Flight" airplane greeting where we flew a paper airplane to another classmate and said hello.  We played "Buzz-Bop" for the activity.  On Tuesday, we did a match math card greeting, where one person held a math fact (50 + 12) and they had to find the person with the correct answer (72).  We had a fire drill after our morning greeting.  We had an all school community meeting on Wednesday morning to learn about the new "Buddy Bench".  The bench is by the playground and if you don't have a friend to play with at recess you can sit on the bench and then someone will invite you to play.  On Thursday, we did the ball toss to say hello and we played rhyming charades for our morning activity.  We were excited to have a new student join our class on Friday.  We greeted Sonja by going around the room and introducing ourselves.  We then used the toss & talk ball to answer questions about ourselves.

We started learning about multiplication this week.  On Monday, we shared times stories.  For example, if you had 15 boxes of M & Ms and each box contained 3 bags of M & Ms, how many bags of M & Ms would you have total?  Tuesday we discussed division and sharing equally stories.  Wednesday, we reviewed easy facts and fact power times 2s, 5s, 10s and 1s.  We also used fact triangles with multiplication and division to create fact families.  We also used the iPads to play Addimals.

During Reader's Workshop on Monday, we worked on our fairy tale unit and discussed examples of what fairytales have in them for story elements like magic, good vs. evil, and moral or lesson to learn. We worked with partners on Tuesday to read fairy tales and on Thursday, we did a sequence chart with our partner.  We read Little Red and discussed moral of the story and sequence of events chart.  We read Three Little Pigs on Friday and discussed character traits.

In Writer's Workshop, we had a poet visit, his name was Gibson and he was from the Telling Room in Portland. He shared his poems and strategies for writing them. (Thank you PTO for funding that!) Also we discussed seeing things with a poet's eye.  We also learned about line breaks (how the words are written on the page for a poem) and how they could be used to make your poetry sound and look better.

In Spelling, we did the Unit 9 preview with the words:  most, because, does, part and even.  We can remember BECAUSE thinking of Big Elephants Can Always Use Scrambled Eggs.  We learned about contractions like shouldn't and had a test on Friday.

Something new: Mrs. Wentworth started reading a new chapter book called Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. It fits it with our fairytale unit!

On Tuesday, we watched a video on school recycling and composting.  YES won a grant from the Yarmouth Education Foundation so that we will have new recycling stations at lunch next fall and the school will be working with Garbage to Garden through this program to receive compost in return. We also read some great books that were purchased through the grant too!

At specials this week, we did weaving and fabric work in art. We also reviewed four-square rules in PE and practiced how music helps to tell a story during music class. In health class we worked on the zones of behavior: red, yellow, blue and green. In computer, we had the chance to begin TimezAttack which is a fun game to help  us practice our multiplication facts. If parents are interested, you can download it and your child can play at home with their own password.


Monday, March 31, 2014

What Happened this Week with Ry and Curtis

This week's bloggers are Ry and Curtis.

 On Monday, we greeted each other with "Aloha" and we played "Mouse Trap". "Jambo" was our greeting on Tuesday and we played Rumpelstiltskin (which is like musical chairs). The class sits in a circle and Mrs. Wentworth taps someone to be Rumpelstiltskin. The class goes around the circle saying each person's name and then suddenly, the person who was tapped says "RUMPELSTILTSKIN!" Everyone gets up and tries to find a new seat. On Wednesday, we greeted each other in Mandarin by saying "Ni Hao". We had another new activity called, "Don't Make Me Laugh". The person in the middle of the circle picks someone and tries to make them laugh. If the person doesn't laugh, they then replace the person in the middle and try to make someone else laugh. Laughter is a fun way to start our day! On Thursday, we used the toss & talk ball. You toss this special ball to someone and they have to answer the question on the ball where his right thumb is touching. One of the questions was "What would your Superpower be?" On Friday we said, "Merhaba" (Turkish for welcome) and then we played "Pebble, Pebble" and had to guess who was the last one holding the pebble in her hand.
Our new "Toss and Talk" ball we used during morning meeting

 In Math on Monday, we played a coin game where we rolled the dice each time to see how many pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters we got. The person with the highest sum won. On Tuesday, we played "Spinning for Money" with a partner. This week we also worked on estimating money and used the iPads to play the math game "Addimals". On Friday, we used base 10 blocks to work on subtraction with trading (for example 54-27).

In Reader's Workshop, we started our unit on series books. Mrs. Wentworth started reading Judy Moody to us. We talked about making predictions with characters in a series. We also discussed looking at patterns in a series, such as a character getting in trouble each time and then the problem is fixed.
Our new series unit read aloud book

For Writer's Workshop this week, we wrote poems about spring. We choose a special thing that reminded us of spring to write a short poem about. We then drew the object and used watercolors to finish the painting. Curtis' poem was about an Easter egg and Ry wrote about fishing. In spelling, we worked on a crossword puzzle with opposite words and words that have a silent "e", like sleep - awake.

For our extra special on Tuesday, Mrs. Kellogg came in for Science Club and helped us make illustrations of our dream house. For Art, we worked on realistic drawings. In Guidance, we talked about rumors and played the telephone game. One person whispered to someone that Joe wasn't friends with John anymore and it was whispered around the circle (and changed a few times). By the end, the first person said "I didn't say that!" and we learned not to share rumors. In PE, we worked on upper body strength and core muscles by doing sit ups. In Music, we played 4 corner instruments. Each person would pick a musical note and if that musical note was located in the corner they were in they got to stay in the game. Last person standing won and Curtis won twice!

 For closing circle on Monday, we said good things and wishes for tomorrow. Some of the things kids wished for was to have a better recess or eat lunch in a quieter place. We played "Maitre D'" where Mrs. Wentworth would say "Table for 2" and 2 people would get up to share the dream house they drew. Jonathan brought in US Bingo to share with the class. We also got to sign Emerson's cast on her leg. Lots of fun new activities this week!

What Happened this Week with Clara and Olive

This Week by Olive & Clara 

 We had a visitor this week from University of Maine. Megan Smith is a college student that has been observing our class to see what it is like to teach 2nd graders. We started our week picking name cards and greeting cards. If I picked Clara's name and Bonjour, I would say, "Bonjour Clara." We greeted each other with Bonjour on Tuesday. We also played "Gorilla" on Tuesday and Thursday, which is like "rock, paper, scissors." You stand back to back with a partner, count to 3 and then choose to be a gorilla, ninja or cowboy. We played "Chief" on Wednesday and created a spider web in circle time on Friday. We held a piece of yarn and would toss the ball of yarn to a classmate. They would then hold a piece of the yard and toss the ball to another classmate. In the end it created a web.
We read this book and worked on our own measuring book at home

 We began our measurement unit in math this week. We learned about yards, meters, inches and centimeters. We measured various objects in the room (like the rug and table) to determine their length. We measured our heights, necks, head size and shoe length using different tools. We looked at a ruler to learn how the different markings represent parts of an inch (1/4", 1/2", etc). On Thursday, we played a new math game on the iPad call "Addimals". Monkeys, sloths, and parrots were part of the game as we had to answer addition facts.

 In Reader's Workshop, we reviewed all nonfiction skills and used them to read a hurricane article. We used post-its to do some thinking and ask questions about the article. On Wednesday, we read Give a Dog a Bone. In the book, a dog uses many reasons to try and convince his owner that he deserves a bone. We also compared and contrasted 2 books on a similar topic. On Thursday we did a nonfiction reading assessment. We compared 2 articles about prairie dogs. On Friday, we the choice of independent reading or partner reading.

 We continued working on our expert books during Writer's Workshop. Clara is writing about dogs and Olive is writing about pigs. We created pictures, labels and diagrams for our expert books. On Wednesday, we worked on illustrating an exciting cover and creating an "about the author" page for our books. We will be working on opinion writing next, so on Friday the class created lists of likes and dislikes. In Handwriting and Spelling, we did our unit preview, which included words: good, new, write, our and me. On Wednesday, we played a card game with partners where we combined different words on cards to create a compound word. For example, basket and ball combined makes the word basketball.

 In Art, we did a drawing of an arctic animal and its Inuit spirit. They are on display in the hallway. In Guidance we played hot potato and zone charades. A person would draw a card with an expression on it and you had to act out that emotion. The rest of the class had to guess what zone the person was acting (Blue = sad, tired; green = calm, happy; yellow = too excited; red = angry). In PE, we played shark basketball. The "shark" tries to grab the basketball from someone dribbling. If they get it, then they switch roles. In Music, we watched "George Handle's Life".

 During closing circle on Monday, we stood in a circle and held hands. Mrs. Wentworth sent a "hand hug" around by lightly squeezing the hand of the person next to her and it continued around the circle. Tuesday, we ended our day with questions about our day and "fist to five." We laid on the floor with our eyes closed and the lights off. Mrs. Wentworth asked us questions about our day and we show how many fingers to represent how things went today. Five fingers is great and a fist is not good. Our arctic animal sculptures went home on Thursday.