Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Happened this Week with Annie and Anielka

This week's bloggers are Annie & Anielka

Welcome Back! 
We started our week with an extra 2 hours of vacation due to the ice on Monday. We did a "Skip Roll" for greeting where we rolled the dice. If it is a 2, then we skip 2 people and say "Good Morning" to the third person. We also played "Mousetrap" where the class is in a circle. People try to weave in and out of the circle without getting caught in the trap. On Tuesday we greeted each other by saying "Hola" and then played "Wild Wind Blows". Someone says "Wild wind blows if you have a cat" and those people who have a cat need to find a new seat. Even Mrs. Wentworth has to play! Wednesday we greeted each other with "Hola" and played "Simon Says". On Thursday, we said "Namaste" and did a brain break where we passed an imaginary ball to a classmate and made a funny face. On Friday morning, we took off one shoe and put it in the middle of the circle and mixed them up. We each picked one shoe out of the pile, guess who the shoe belonged to and then say "hello" to that person.

During math this week, we worked on finding differences between 2 quantities and which one was bigger. On Wednesday, we had a "Data Day" where we collected data about favorite food groups and graphed it. Annie's favorite food was mango in the fruit & vegetable group. Anielka's favorite was bean salad in the meat & protein group. We used geoboard arrays where we would count 5 pins down and put the elastic over those pins. Then we counted 3 pins across and moved the elastic over. We would then count all the pins that were inside the elastic. On Friday, we worked with group addition (early multiplication). An example for this would be if we had 8 crayons in one box and 3 boxes of crayons - then we had to figure out how many crayons we had in total. We also played circle and stars game. We  rolled the dice and made that many circles and then rolled the dice again. The number on the dice was the number of stars we put in each circle. We then counted all the stars we had in the circles for our total.
Lucia is creating a text feature page on her photograph.

In Reader's Workshop, we started a new unit on nonfiction. Nonfiction is reading to learn new things and teach others. Each student has to make sure they have at least 2 nonfiction books in their basket at all times. We did a text feature hunt with our partners using our new nonfiction books. We had to find features like: title, labels, charts and captions. We created a chart to list the features we found and their purpose. We brought pictures in and created a feature page. We pointed and wrote where we were in the picture, labeled things around us, and wrote a caption such as, "I was at a soccer game in Yarmouth with my mom." We shared the pictures and captions with the class. Mrs. Wentworth talked to us about using a different voice when reading nonfiction. Our voice should be a slow, serious, calm, "regular" voice. We have also started to learn about our next theme unit: The Arctic. We located it on the map and began to read and chart important facts about it.

During Writer's Workshop, we worked with partners on editing our published stories. We talked about nonfiction writing and brainstormed on topics that we could write about. We each chose one topic for our next writing assignment. Then we tries to think of at least three or more different categories about that topic. These categories will become our chapters in our expert books.

 On Friday, we had an extra computer class where we learned about educational websites we could use to help with reading: Starfall, Storyline Online and Tumbledown Books. Links to these websites can be found on YES' website. In Handwriting & Spelling this week, we worked on Unit 10 (made, over, did, down and only) and had a test on Friday. We talked about y sounding like "i" or "e". We did more homophone work and learned about apostrophes. In Guidance we played a game where we said "Ickity, bickety bumble bee. Won't you say your name for me?" We had an extra art class this week where we drew pictures of our dream house. We watched a show on cave drawings. We also painted the Northern Lights using a tooth brush. In PE, we jumped rope. In music class we watched "Really Rosie" and sang "When Billy Was One". We had library on Friday and got to pick out new books.

Closing Circle
For one of closing circles this week, we played "Snowball Guesses" on Tuesday. We would write 3 things on paper, crumple it up and toss it into the circle. One person would pick up a "paper snowball" from the pile and try to guess who wrote the things on the paper.
 Enjoy all the snow outside!

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