Friday, February 14, 2014

What Happened this Week with Sam and Lucia

Lucia and Sam

We had a short week due to Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday. On Tuesday, we greeted each other with O-Si-Yo and sang "Pebble Pebble" while we passed around a pebble to our classmates in a circle.  At the end, the person in the middle has to guess who is holding the pebble.  Wednesday, we passed around a box of clips that had names on them.  Each student picked a clip and greeted the person whose name was on the clip.  We also played "Wild Wind Blows."  On Thursday, we greeted our classmates while in a circle and played "Mouse Trap."  We said "Konnichiwa" (Japanese) to say hello on Friday.  We did some stretching by laying down and doing body rolls with our neck and arms.

In Math on Monday, we worked with patterns and skip counting.  If the pattern was add 2, and we started with 5, 7, _ the next number would be 9.  We used base 10 blocks on Tuesday to practice subtraction  and hit the target with 10s.  On Thursday, we discussed doubles and halves.  We then read the wubble story.  A boy was told he could bring one friend on his summer vacation and he choose a wubble.  Each day the wubble doubled and we had to figure out how many wubbles the boy had at the end of the vacation.  On Friday, we were in teams of 4 to play a math basketball game. We rolled dice and had to come up with strategies for adding 2 digit numbers.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Mrs. Wentworth read a book to us about treating people fair.  For Reader's Workshop on Wednesday, we read our non-fiction book, explained to our partner what we read and then our partner asked questions about what we read.  Questions like:  "How does...?" "Did you learn...?"  On Friday, we talked about how to read the text in non-fiction books to see if the text could explain a picture without captions.

In Writer's Workshop, we continued to work on our expert books.  On Wednesday, we wrote chapters for our books.  Thursday, we thought of good titles for our books.  Sam choose "Super Slap Shot" and Lucia choose "Super Swimming Skills."  On Friday, we made a glossary for our books.  We made a list of bold words and explained what they meant.

In spelling, we learned about using the sound "or" and that if it is in the middle of a wORd, it is spelled "OR."  If it is at the end of a word (like MORE) it is "ORE."

We had an extra Library hour and watched a move "Proud & Kind."  It was about a little girl who did kind actions for her mother.  In Art, we traced and colored an Arctic animal.  In PE, we jumped rope and played a cardio-game.  In the game, taggers were things we shouldn't have too much of, like video games and candy.  In Music, we played "Sleigh Ride".  We were divided into group A or B and then pretended to ride horses, be a statue, become a bridge or throw snowballs.

Our classroom Author Celebration will be next Thursday, Jan 30th at 9am.  Teacher conferences....

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