Monday, March 31, 2014

What Happened this Week with Ry and Curtis

This week's bloggers are Ry and Curtis.

 On Monday, we greeted each other with "Aloha" and we played "Mouse Trap". "Jambo" was our greeting on Tuesday and we played Rumpelstiltskin (which is like musical chairs). The class sits in a circle and Mrs. Wentworth taps someone to be Rumpelstiltskin. The class goes around the circle saying each person's name and then suddenly, the person who was tapped says "RUMPELSTILTSKIN!" Everyone gets up and tries to find a new seat. On Wednesday, we greeted each other in Mandarin by saying "Ni Hao". We had another new activity called, "Don't Make Me Laugh". The person in the middle of the circle picks someone and tries to make them laugh. If the person doesn't laugh, they then replace the person in the middle and try to make someone else laugh. Laughter is a fun way to start our day! On Thursday, we used the toss & talk ball. You toss this special ball to someone and they have to answer the question on the ball where his right thumb is touching. One of the questions was "What would your Superpower be?" On Friday we said, "Merhaba" (Turkish for welcome) and then we played "Pebble, Pebble" and had to guess who was the last one holding the pebble in her hand.
Our new "Toss and Talk" ball we used during morning meeting

 In Math on Monday, we played a coin game where we rolled the dice each time to see how many pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters we got. The person with the highest sum won. On Tuesday, we played "Spinning for Money" with a partner. This week we also worked on estimating money and used the iPads to play the math game "Addimals". On Friday, we used base 10 blocks to work on subtraction with trading (for example 54-27).

In Reader's Workshop, we started our unit on series books. Mrs. Wentworth started reading Judy Moody to us. We talked about making predictions with characters in a series. We also discussed looking at patterns in a series, such as a character getting in trouble each time and then the problem is fixed.
Our new series unit read aloud book

For Writer's Workshop this week, we wrote poems about spring. We choose a special thing that reminded us of spring to write a short poem about. We then drew the object and used watercolors to finish the painting. Curtis' poem was about an Easter egg and Ry wrote about fishing. In spelling, we worked on a crossword puzzle with opposite words and words that have a silent "e", like sleep - awake.

For our extra special on Tuesday, Mrs. Kellogg came in for Science Club and helped us make illustrations of our dream house. For Art, we worked on realistic drawings. In Guidance, we talked about rumors and played the telephone game. One person whispered to someone that Joe wasn't friends with John anymore and it was whispered around the circle (and changed a few times). By the end, the first person said "I didn't say that!" and we learned not to share rumors. In PE, we worked on upper body strength and core muscles by doing sit ups. In Music, we played 4 corner instruments. Each person would pick a musical note and if that musical note was located in the corner they were in they got to stay in the game. Last person standing won and Curtis won twice!

 For closing circle on Monday, we said good things and wishes for tomorrow. Some of the things kids wished for was to have a better recess or eat lunch in a quieter place. We played "Maitre D'" where Mrs. Wentworth would say "Table for 2" and 2 people would get up to share the dream house they drew. Jonathan brought in US Bingo to share with the class. We also got to sign Emerson's cast on her leg. Lots of fun new activities this week!

What Happened this Week with Clara and Olive

This Week by Olive & Clara 

 We had a visitor this week from University of Maine. Megan Smith is a college student that has been observing our class to see what it is like to teach 2nd graders. We started our week picking name cards and greeting cards. If I picked Clara's name and Bonjour, I would say, "Bonjour Clara." We greeted each other with Bonjour on Tuesday. We also played "Gorilla" on Tuesday and Thursday, which is like "rock, paper, scissors." You stand back to back with a partner, count to 3 and then choose to be a gorilla, ninja or cowboy. We played "Chief" on Wednesday and created a spider web in circle time on Friday. We held a piece of yarn and would toss the ball of yarn to a classmate. They would then hold a piece of the yard and toss the ball to another classmate. In the end it created a web.
We read this book and worked on our own measuring book at home

 We began our measurement unit in math this week. We learned about yards, meters, inches and centimeters. We measured various objects in the room (like the rug and table) to determine their length. We measured our heights, necks, head size and shoe length using different tools. We looked at a ruler to learn how the different markings represent parts of an inch (1/4", 1/2", etc). On Thursday, we played a new math game on the iPad call "Addimals". Monkeys, sloths, and parrots were part of the game as we had to answer addition facts.

 In Reader's Workshop, we reviewed all nonfiction skills and used them to read a hurricane article. We used post-its to do some thinking and ask questions about the article. On Wednesday, we read Give a Dog a Bone. In the book, a dog uses many reasons to try and convince his owner that he deserves a bone. We also compared and contrasted 2 books on a similar topic. On Thursday we did a nonfiction reading assessment. We compared 2 articles about prairie dogs. On Friday, we the choice of independent reading or partner reading.

 We continued working on our expert books during Writer's Workshop. Clara is writing about dogs and Olive is writing about pigs. We created pictures, labels and diagrams for our expert books. On Wednesday, we worked on illustrating an exciting cover and creating an "about the author" page for our books. We will be working on opinion writing next, so on Friday the class created lists of likes and dislikes. In Handwriting and Spelling, we did our unit preview, which included words: good, new, write, our and me. On Wednesday, we played a card game with partners where we combined different words on cards to create a compound word. For example, basket and ball combined makes the word basketball.

 In Art, we did a drawing of an arctic animal and its Inuit spirit. They are on display in the hallway. In Guidance we played hot potato and zone charades. A person would draw a card with an expression on it and you had to act out that emotion. The rest of the class had to guess what zone the person was acting (Blue = sad, tired; green = calm, happy; yellow = too excited; red = angry). In PE, we played shark basketball. The "shark" tries to grab the basketball from someone dribbling. If they get it, then they switch roles. In Music, we watched "George Handle's Life".

 During closing circle on Monday, we stood in a circle and held hands. Mrs. Wentworth sent a "hand hug" around by lightly squeezing the hand of the person next to her and it continued around the circle. Tuesday, we ended our day with questions about our day and "fist to five." We laid on the floor with our eyes closed and the lights off. Mrs. Wentworth asked us questions about our day and we show how many fingers to represent how things went today. Five fingers is great and a fist is not good. Our arctic animal sculptures went home on Thursday.