Sunday, May 18, 2014

This week's bloggers are Lauren, Walter & Annie  

We had an exciting week of sharing special things. Here were a few we can tell you about: Tristan brought in crystals, Sam L. shared his Dad's baseball trophy, Anna brought in action figures and Walter showed his whistle from Switzerland. On Tuesday, Sonja shared a favorite stuffed moose. On Friday, Zach showed his crystals and Sam B displayed cleats from a Red Sox player. Favorite pets that visited our classroom included Lucia's fish named "Bubbles", Lauren's bunny named Jellybean, and Ry's toad. Greetings from this week included,"Konnichiwa" and "Bonjour". Morning activities included: "Cowboy, Gorilla & Ninja", shoe greeting and "Chief". We played "4 Corners" on Wednesday where each student stands in one of four corners in the room. The "caller" would say a number between 1-4 and that corner would be out. The remaining students would move around and again the caller would say a number between 1-4. The last remaining student won the game. We also did "sit & stand", where we would be sitting back to back linking arms with a partner and we had to work together to stand up at the same time.

 In Math, we reviewed telling time, and discussed time lines and how they can be used to tell history over a period of years. We also worked on estimates & "ball park" numbers, fact triangles, and multiplications. We used iPads to work on subtraction and learned how to use TimezAttack on the computer. On Friday, we started on division.

 For Reader's Workshop, we spent a lot of time on our "reader's theater" for our fairytale unit. Groups of students are working on performing a fairy tale play. We are working to use expression with our voice and how to show character feelings by how we act. We discussed how to infer by looking for clues in what the character says. Mrs. Wentworth read Magic Fish and we discussed characters, problems, feelings and what clues we could find. She read Princess and the Pizza on Tuesday and we discussed fractured stories where there is a different version than what we expect.

 In Writer's Workshop, there was time to go outside near the garden to gather poem ideas about nature. We worked on mystery poems and on word choice (using the "right" words). We worked on poetry description to "show, not tell" and did poem patterns on Friday. In spelling, we focused on words with the prefix of "re" and "un", like "redo." On Friday, we did the pre-test for Unit 21 words.

 In Art, we worked on our self portraits to be ready for Grandparents' Day. In our extra special Art, we looked at our art work for the year and choose our favorite one to share at Grandparents' Day. In Guidance, we discussed appropriate playground behavior while reading the book "Mean Jean the Recess Queen." We enjoyed the spring weather with an outside PE class on Wednesday. We played Bingo in Music.

 During Closing Circle this week, we played "pebble, pebble" and ball toss. We enjoyed the sun with an early recess on Tuesday and listened to the 4th grade concert on Wednesday. Friday, we ended our day by switching desks for next week!

There are lots of fun year end activities coming up so mark your calendar (more info to come):
Wednesday, May 21 - Field Trip to Portland Art Museum
Friday, May 23 - Grandparent & Grandfriends' Day
Tuesday, June 3 - Tide Pool Field Trip to Wolfe Neck State Park
Thursday, June 12th - Field Day Tuesday,
June 17th -Tide Pool Concert grade 2 10:45 and the Last Day of School, 12 Noon dismissal!

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