Friday, May 2, 2014

What Happened This Week with Tristan and Olive

This Week's Bloggers:  Tristan & Olive

We came back from April vacation and learned some new greetings.  On Monday,  we did the "Flighty Flight" airplane greeting where we flew a paper airplane to another classmate and said hello.  We played "Buzz-Bop" for the activity.  On Tuesday, we did a match math card greeting, where one person held a math fact (50 + 12) and they had to find the person with the correct answer (72).  We had a fire drill after our morning greeting.  We had an all school community meeting on Wednesday morning to learn about the new "Buddy Bench".  The bench is by the playground and if you don't have a friend to play with at recess you can sit on the bench and then someone will invite you to play.  On Thursday, we did the ball toss to say hello and we played rhyming charades for our morning activity.  We were excited to have a new student join our class on Friday.  We greeted Sonja by going around the room and introducing ourselves.  We then used the toss & talk ball to answer questions about ourselves.

We started learning about multiplication this week.  On Monday, we shared times stories.  For example, if you had 15 boxes of M & Ms and each box contained 3 bags of M & Ms, how many bags of M & Ms would you have total?  Tuesday we discussed division and sharing equally stories.  Wednesday, we reviewed easy facts and fact power times 2s, 5s, 10s and 1s.  We also used fact triangles with multiplication and division to create fact families.  We also used the iPads to play Addimals.

During Reader's Workshop on Monday, we worked on our fairy tale unit and discussed examples of what fairytales have in them for story elements like magic, good vs. evil, and moral or lesson to learn. We worked with partners on Tuesday to read fairy tales and on Thursday, we did a sequence chart with our partner.  We read Little Red and discussed moral of the story and sequence of events chart.  We read Three Little Pigs on Friday and discussed character traits.

In Writer's Workshop, we had a poet visit, his name was Gibson and he was from the Telling Room in Portland. He shared his poems and strategies for writing them. (Thank you PTO for funding that!) Also we discussed seeing things with a poet's eye.  We also learned about line breaks (how the words are written on the page for a poem) and how they could be used to make your poetry sound and look better.

In Spelling, we did the Unit 9 preview with the words:  most, because, does, part and even.  We can remember BECAUSE thinking of Big Elephants Can Always Use Scrambled Eggs.  We learned about contractions like shouldn't and had a test on Friday.

Something new: Mrs. Wentworth started reading a new chapter book called Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. It fits it with our fairytale unit!

On Tuesday, we watched a video on school recycling and composting.  YES won a grant from the Yarmouth Education Foundation so that we will have new recycling stations at lunch next fall and the school will be working with Garbage to Garden through this program to receive compost in return. We also read some great books that were purchased through the grant too!

At specials this week, we did weaving and fabric work in art. We also reviewed four-square rules in PE and practiced how music helps to tell a story during music class. In health class we worked on the zones of behavior: red, yellow, blue and green. In computer, we had the chance to begin TimezAttack which is a fun game to help  us practice our multiplication facts. If parents are interested, you can download it and your child can play at home with their own password.


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