Sunday, September 21, 2014

Growing Each Day!

Our Morning Meeting greeting this week was the Greek "Kalemera!" We all had an opportunity to whip-share our favorite weekend activity, play with the "Chatty Ball", and continue to share our Morning Message along with rocks and minerals from home.

By 8:50 each day we are off to our "Special" and then back for a hearty snack before we begin math. In Library, we selected 2 books this week, and by next week we'll be able to select 3. Before we selected books, Ms. Sleeper asked us to recall favorite read-aloud authors' names. 

In Math, we've been practicing how to write and say numbers, search for items in our Everyday Math reference book, make clocks and tell time. We've also set up our math "Tool Kits" and found "Clock Buddy" math partners. 

In Writing, we've worked on our "seed ideas" about special memories, people, places, and pets. We heard a heart-warming read-aloud about a special bond with a little brown dog called, The Old Woman Who Named Things, by Henry and Mudge author Cynthia Rylant. This book was a BIG hit! 

Later in the week, Mrs. Moore visited our Writer's Workshop to talk with us about "seed vs. watermelon" stories, and we all took a trip to see the watermelons we planted with her last spring in our YES garden. (Mrs. Moore is a published author who'll be visiting our workshop weekly). As an added bonus, Riley released 2 beautiful monarch butterflies into our garden that she has nurtured.  

Everyone got to pick and taste watermelon. We decided our watermelon tasted better than store-bought, since we planted them! 

Later in the week, we each had an opportunity to use our "seed ideas" to write a story about a time when we felt happy, nervous, excited, scared, proud, or sad. We also began our first spelling unit and began to work in our Word Work Journal.

In Science we've continued to each have an opportunity to share a special rock or mineral from home. We've seen beautiful granite pegmatites, citrine and quartz crystals, basalt in the shape of a whale, and more! A big thank you to our classmates who have shared; we are all scientists! We've also heard a book about minerals and discussed if coal is a rock, mineral, or neither. What do you think?

In Reading, Ms. Sleeper has continued to read with us individually while we explore our selected books. We also had our Reading MAP Assessment on Tuesday. Later in the week, Ms. Sleeper introduced the "Daily 5" choices we can make during reading. 

And….on Monday, we had a visit from our Computer teacher Mrs. Wolinski. She spoke with us about how use of our laptops is a privilege, and she explained that we use our computers for educational purposes.

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