Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Second Week!

Here are just a few highlights from our second week….

Our greeting this week was a friendly, "Ciao!" followed by a group-building activity and Morning Message. After our message, we have our "Special" each day.

Our Weekly Specials:
Monday - PE
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - Art
Friday - Guidance

Morning Meeting and Closing Circle activities this week included: 3 or 4 Words About Our Weekend, The String Game, The Animal Sounds Activity, The Chatty Ball, reciting the "September" Poem by John Updike, and Books We L-O-V-E. (These last two activities are optional; students can memorize the monthly poem if they wish to, and they have the option to bring in and show a book to the class and share why it's special to them.)

Ms. Sleeper shared books with extra-special memories for her- like First Tomato, by Rosemary Wells, and If You Find a Rock, by Peggy Christian.

In Math, we shared "Math All Around Us" cut-outs from home and made a class collage. We explored our Everyday Math materials, reviewed the class number grid, and wrote the BIGGEST and smallest numbers we could write and say on our own whiteboards. On Tuesday we had our MAP Math Assessment. 

In Writing, we composed "I Am" poems to share at Open House this Monday. We also wrote about our Hopes and Dreams for this school year.

In Reading, we had an interesting discussion about the things that have worked well and not-so-well for us as readers. Ms. Sleeper finished our read-aloud, The Boy Who Talked With Animals, by Roald Dahl. We talked about why that story and author captivated us, and whether the story was fiction or non-fiction. Ms. Sleeper also continued to meet with us individually to read together.

From 'The Boy Who Talked With Animals'- "We sees that old monster turtle swimming away out there, the one on the beach yesterday, and we sees the boy sitting high up on the turtle's back and riding him over the sea like a horse!"

In Spelling, we finished our assessment of the Priority Words in 3rd grade. 

In Science, we shared things we wonder about. We also began our study of Geology. Some of our classmates have begun to bring in and share special rocks or minerals they've found, so we decided to share a few each day, when it's our "share day". 

Here are a few upcoming special dates:
Monday, September 15th - Open House (6pm)
Tuesday, September 16th - MAP Reading Assessment
Friday, September 19th - Picture Day!

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