Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Found Gems!

It's been another eventful week as third graders at YES! 

Where to begin? So many things to write about this week…….

Each day in Morning Meeting, we greeted each other with a friendly "Ni Hao!" We participated in activities like the Middle Name Game, and happy birthday wishes for Walter. Happy Birthday Walter!

In Math, we learned about graphing, measuring, clocks, chance, and probability. We graphed the letters in our first names, last names, and the size of our watermelons we picked from the YES garden. We were introduced to new math words like mean, median, mode, and range. Ms. Sleeper shared a few tricks to remember our math words, like; "The mean teacher made us add up all those numbers to find the average number!"

Here are our watermelon graphs:

In Writer's Workshop we shared and wrote 'seed stories" that are based on our lives. Mrs. Moore visited this week to help us with writing, and she told us all how excited she is to work with our talented bunch! She explained that finding our special moments to write about is a lot like finding gems. Ms. Sleeper shared another Rosemary Wells book called, Moris's Disappearing Bag. We marveled at the author's ability to express all of Moris's complicated feelings, by showing and not telling us how Moris felt.

In Spelling and Handwriting, we began to explore the spelling patterns in Unit 1 Sitton Spelling, and we participated in "Word Work" lessons on "-ed and -d" endings and "-ight" patterns. We also brainstormed lots and lots of words with short and long vowels. In Cursive, we took a quick peek at our new cursive workbook.

In Reading, we had a a few mini-lessons about "Building Our Reading Lives", and the "Daily 5" reading choices, and we read with Reading Buddies and Ms. Sleeper. We also brainstormed ways to use our little Sticky Notes as we devour a good book. We're collecting a plethora of little yellow notes with words we find super-interesting or challenging!

In Science, we shared more rocks and minerals with classmates. Some of us are now official Rock Hounds! (Beware of heavy loads in our backpacks!!)

On Friday, the moment arrived when we sluiced through tailings from Mt. Mica. Our enthusiasm was a sight to behold ---- But, we found GEMS!!!!!!

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