Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello, Hylo, Namaste, Sawadee!

Hello to you all, in every language!

Here are a few upcoming dates:
Monday, October 20th from 11:50 - 12:10 - Class YES Book Fair visit
Wednesday, October 22nd from 9:55 - 10:25 - Class YES Book Fair visit
Monday, October 20th - Friday, October 24th - YES Book Fair
Friday, October 24th, 8:40 am - Preview, 'Stage Fright' - Storyteller, Dave Mason 
Tuesday, October 28th, Picture Retake Day
Wednesday, October 29th, Storyteller 'Stage Fright' - YES Gym, 5:30 pm Grades K-4, PTO (7pm, Grades 5-8)
Friday, October 31st, Grade 3 Field Trip, Mt. Apatite

Here's a summary of our last few weeks in Grade 3:

In Morning Meeting, we've continued to share a multi-cultural hello, and read a brief message from Ms. Sleeper each day. Here are some of the activities we've participated in: Silent Communication Counting, Pet Stories, Middle Name Game, Fishing For a Buddy, Chief, and good-ol' Chatty Ball.

In Math, we've tackled: calculating years, elapsed time, money, and algebraic thinking. We've reviewed chance, probability, Name Collection Boxes, big and little numbers, and much, much more. On Friday, we ended Unit 1 in our book and completed the unit assessment. For "Extra-Math" in the afternoons, some of us have have met with Ms. Sleeper in small groups as we caught up on our journal work and reviewed "fuzzy" concepts. We've also worked on math facts and begun problem solving in 'Figure It Out' booklets. 

In Writing, we've continued to revise our personal stories. We met with our partners and Ms. Sleeper to receive feedback. Ms. Sleeper introduced new methods like timelines, "time waves", and webs to plan our stories. Mrs. Moore visited and shared little parts of toys she brought in a box. Some of the parts fit together to make a tiny bicycle; the pieces represented parts within our stories to revise: those that fit, do not fit, and need to be added. She used a tiny screwdriver to put the bike together, mimicking our writing tools we can use to write our stories: like sticky notes, extra paper, partner reading, and partner feedback. Ms. Sleeper also reviewed punctuation marks, and we edited lots of sentences together. 

In Spelling, we've done "Word Work" activities, like: word searches, word scrambles, Fix It, Find It, Add It, and Double-handed Writing.  We've also made spelling "Anchor Charts", studied long vowels, and OW and OU sounds. 

In Handwriting, we worked in our Handwriting Without Tears journals. Many of us found this work really fun!

In Reading, we've discussed how while we read, we can imagine or visualize the story - and each of us can have a unique movie playing in our heads. We've studied characters and their traits, and Ms. Sleeper read a few chapters from Danny Champion of the World. Afterwards, we brainstormed what each of us were able to picture (about these characters) in our heads as she read. We've also continued to read self-selected and teacher-selected books with our reading buddies and with Ms. Sleeper in our reading groups. 

In Science, we explored a computer activity Ms. Sleeper helped make with USGS (US Geological Survey). This activity demonstrates the minerals we can find in our homes and everyday lives.  It's shocking to see that there's gold in our cell phones, or feldspar in our toilets! Here is the 'Minerals In the Home' activity link:

We shared rocks and minerals, sorted and identified sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks, created a jar of water with sediments, and began to color and cut a paper globe-representation of the layers of the earth. 

Here we are sorting our rocks:

We used the Geology Rocks! posters below to sort our rocks and minerals. 
(Ms. Sleeper helped design these posters.)

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