Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Rock!

This week in school….

During Morning Meeting- we've shared birthday wishes with Lucia and Clara, played games like Chief and Alibi, and shared a message about our day.  Happy Birthday Lucia and Clara! On Friday, we heard a preview storytelling session from Mr. Mason and everyone really enjoyed the story. Thank you Mr. Mason!

In Math, we've been studying fact families, fact extensions, algebraic thinking equations, Function Machines, T-charts, Fact Triangles, problem solving strategies, and story problems. We also reviewed clocks, and studied the Communicative Property using gummy bears. Yum!

Some of us chose to share our work with the class using the projector.

In Writing, we've continued our personal narratives. We've been meeting with our Writing Buddies to edit our stories. We've reviewed how to write a good lead and use punctuation like a period, question mark, and exclamation point. For an extra challenge, we've learned about other punctation too, like: the colon, semi-colon, apostrophe, and comma. We've also helped our partner to find where we should have capital letters in our stories, and we've practiced editing leads to Ms. Sleeper's and classmates stories. 

In Spelling, we studied the "or" sound for the "Skill of the Week", and we brainstormed words with the or, oar, our, and oor patterns.

In Handwriting, we've been practicing cursive each day. Although it's really tempting to move ahead and want to zoom into knowing how to write all the letters, Ms. Sleeper is encouraging us to follow along with her step-by-step directions.

In Reading, we've continued to meet with our groups. We've studied book characters this week. The Dad from Danny Champion of the World has turned out to be a very complex and interesting character to study. "Persuasive" is the favorite word the class came up with to describe Dad. We've brainstormed lots of other words that describe his character traits, and we've described a character we'd like to meet from our group books. We've also rated the lead (or 1st few sentences) of classic literature to see if the story "hooked" us or left us with questions.

In Science, we've watched a movie about the changing geological landscape of the western part of the US. We've also reviewed our rock identification of 10 Maine rocks. Ms. Sleeper is extremely impressed with our skills! (She said news crews should watch us in action!)

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