Friday, September 11, 2015

A great first week!

What a great first week! The students and I have had so much fun getting to know one another in these first few days.

This week we had morning meetings where we worked on learning names and found out things we might have in common with each other. We played games that helped us build a classroom community that feels safe and friendly.

During the week we had some great read alouds:

In math we had exploration time with some of the materials such as shape templates and pattern blocks. We also worked on reviewing some math skills from second grade.

This week we explored the classroom library, discussed how to choose "just right" books, and shared what types of books we enjoy reading with each other.

During writing time, we created poems about ourselves and will draw self portraits next week to go along with them. They will be in the hallway for everyone to admire a bit later! Today we worked on creating some hopes and dreams we have for ourselves this school year. We will turn those into goals we can work on.

Each day we end our time together in a closing circle to say goodbye and reflect on different things. Mostly, we share about positives throughout the day or hopes for tomorrow. It's a wonderful way to end the day.

I'm looking forward to week two!!!

Have a great weekend!

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