Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week Two!

Hello Families

The students and I had another great week! A few things that I wanted to share:

-We continued our work on creating a caring learning environment by using our hopes for the year to create our classroom rules. They basically fall into three important ones: 1. Take care of yourself. 2. Take care of each other. 3. Take care of our classroom.

-We started homework this past week in math. The students and I discussed good homework habits and strategies. Please know it should be a positive experience and take about ten minutes. We will talk about homework a bit more at open house.

-During writing time, we decorated our notebooks (please feel free to still send in photos with your child for them to use) to help generate memories that are important to each of us. We also read some great books to help us start collecting small moment memories about special people and places.

-This Tuesday the third and fourth grade will be taking the MAP reading assessment. This is used as the school's universal screener for providing support for students. Next week we will have the math MAP. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the MAP.

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