Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Happening?

Now that we have worked on creating a great classroom environment these past few weeks, we are starting to dig into the academics of the school year. Here are a few areas we are working on:

Reading: We have been focusing on "Building Our Reading Lives" for the first unit of study. We are learning about ourselves as readers and working on strategies to make reading a successful time. Right now we are reading Stone Fox together as a class. It is a great text for having strong emotions for a book!

Writing: After decorating our notebooks, we started to brainstorm special people and places in our lives. For each one, we added a few small moment ideas. Then we chose one to write about. This week we will work on creating positive writing partnerships. Also, Charlotte Agell (enrichment for literacy) has started coming into the class to present writing challenges. The students can choose to work on these during some class time or take them home to complete. So if your child is looking for a challenge please encourage them to give one a try!

Word Study:  The students have been working on identifying parts of speech and practicing components of the word study process. Our child did bring a priority word list one last week too. I encourage you to occasionally work on any highlighted words at home. We will be starting more formal word study groups soon.

Math: We have been reviewing some concepts previously taught like measurement and telling time. This week as mathematicians we are using strategies to solve multiplication and division problems. Also, this Friday your child will bring home a math fact fluency paper for addition and subtraction for you to review.
This is a great book for division!

Science: In geology we have been discussing the layers of the earth and exploring different kinds of rock samples. We will turn our focus to the rock cycle next!

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