Sunday, November 27, 2016

Class Update

Hello Families,
I hope you enjoyed the "thankful trees" that came home with the students before Thanksgiving break.

The students and I have been so busy at school these past few weeks. Let me try to catch you up:

Reading: We loved our unit of study on Following Characters into Meaning. We read Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo as our mentor text. We followed the main character, Opal throughout the story and worked on making inferences, leaving tracks of our thinking and finding what the author's message is for us as the reader.

Writing: We are into the revising and publishing stage of our personal narratives. Throughout the process we worked on creating timelines to help organize our ideas, using strong leads and endings and writing details for the heart of the story. We will be ready for a publishing party in the next few weeks. Details coming soon!

Math: Multiplication continues to be a major focus in unit 3. The students have been hard at work developing fact fluency! Any help with this at home is greatly appreciated.

Science and Social Studies: The students loved the geology unit! We focused on the major layers of the earth, the rock cycle and how fossils help us learn about the earth long ago. We wrapped it up be completing an assessment, going rock climbing at the YHS high school and our field trip to the quarry. We have just begun our work on landforms to begin our next unit on Geography. Soon we will move into learning the continents, oceans and about different countries around the world. It is such a great way to learn and appreciate other peoples' cultures. 

Extras: Last month I went to an ACTEM conference and participated in a Breakout EDU activity. Once back at school, the teachers organized one for third grade students. The students had an opportunity to work on teamwork and perseverance with this class activity. The students were put into pairs and given different clues. Each clue would unlock a lock on the mystery box. The timer was set for 45 minutes. The students worked so well together and with just a minute and a half left they successfully "broke out"!

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