Monday, January 23, 2017

Class Update

Hello Families!

We have been working on many different things in the classroom over the past few weeks.

Reading: We are still working through our mystery unit. As detective readers, we have been focusing on searching texts for clues, determining suspects and motives. Our read aloud is full of adventure and many clues to solve. The kids are really enjoying it!

Social Studies: Over the last few weeks we have been learning about the world, more specifically countries and what makes each of them unique and different. As a grade, we chose to learn about about Japan's culture and we even made a large class carp symbolizing courage, to decorate our classroom.

Each of the students have chosen a country to research too. We have been working hard to use different sources and take notes. Also, I know many of you are excited for the family country project! I can't wait to see them! The projects are due February 10th and you are invited to "Tour the World" in our classroom on February 16th starting at 9:00am.

Last week, the students and I had so much fun trying to solve a Geography Break Out! Clues were hidden around the room and the students worked together to find and solve them in order to open each of the six locks on the box. We had 45 minutes and solved it with 56 seconds left-talk about close!!!!

Also related to social studies, we have started our Junior Achievement program in the classroom. Mrs. Tippie (Noah's mom) has kindly volunteered to teach the class about how cities and towns are organized and what important responsibilities citizens have in their town as well.

Writing: We have been practicing the art of speech writing with persuasive essays. The students have been gathering topics in which they have strong feeling opinions about and turning them into a speech with a thesis and reasons or examples to support their thinking. 

We also wrote thank you letters to Martin Luther King, Jr. for his contributions to our country. The letters were filled with great vocabulary and phrases! Here are a few: "You inspired thousands" "What you did lifted up our country and people's spirits" "Your message will continue to be passed on"

Math: Right now we are working through multi-step word problems. These problems promote critical thinking and organization. Another strategy we have been practicing is doubling and breaking apart area rectangles. These activities support multiplication facts and build in helper facts. Also, we continue to practice becoming more fluent with addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. Please continue to support your child at home with these facts too!

Lastly, I wanted to post a beautiful collection of artwork the class did with Mrs. Higgison! It caught my eye, the first morning I saw it. Enjoy!

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