Friday, October 20, 2017

Classroom Update

What a fun last few weeks we have been having in the classroom!

Reading: We finished out first unit which was focused on "Building Our Reading Lives". This unit helped us know ourselves as readers, what works well and helped to set goals for each of us. We worked on strategies to stay focused on the text and what to do when things get "fuzzy." Now we have moved into our Characters Unit and recently discussed what it means to "walk in the character's shoes." We have reading Because of Winn Dixie as our mentor text. Oh, and the students and I started the Took a Book system where students can take out a classroom book to bring home. This book is for enjoyment and may or may not be at his or her level.

Writing: We have been working on collecting personal narrative moments in our writer's notebooks. We have also focused on using different types of leads to get the listener excited to hear more! Now we are focused on picking one piece to bring through the revising and publication process. You will have a chance to read these at school soon. More to come later!

Math: We finished up our first unit a bit ago and took our first assessment. Those will come home today to review with your child. This past week we have been working on many activities around multiplication and division. We also practiced a quick fact fluency sheet to see how well we know our basic facts. A favorite of the week was playing array bingo, which helps to visualize multiplication!

Science: In geology, we learned about the rock cycle, the three main rocks and how volcanoes form. We did experiments on our rock and used Seesaw to share that at home (the talking rock!). Also we just started to focus on how fascinating fossil s are and why they are so important.

Lastly, I was able to attend a conference last week where I was able to learn some great resources for use with technology. One was Skyping with SafariLive. Today the students and I went on a live Safari in South Africa!!! We were able to ask them questions and have them answered by the guides, we got to see hippos, cheetahs and hyenas. It was so exciting!

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