Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello, November!

We've been busy in room 208!

In Morning Meeting, we've greeted each other with a fun activity and a multi-cultural hello, like: Konichiwa or Guten Tag. We've shared activities like: Remember When, I Used to Think, One Word Vote, Rare Bird, Alibi, and Happy Birthday Wishes to Aaron and Sonja! 

Here is our new "November" poem by John Updike:

Mrs. Wentworth stopped in to visit with Josie last week. Here they are!

In Math, we've tackled addition and subtraction number stories, finding differences, ballpark estimates, and various new methods for adding and subtracting. Last week we practiced counting up and trading in subtraction.

In Writing, our writing partners, Mrs. Moore, and Ms. Sleeper have been helping us to edit and add details to our personal narratives. We have each selected a story to publish in Google Classroom. Mrs. Moore read the book Witch Hazel to us, and we discussed alliteration writing techniques. 

In Spelling this week, we've focused on the OY and OI spellings for the OY sound. 

In Reading, we've continued to meet with our reading groups, and we are studying characters in both Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl and Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. 

Here we are, listening to Tiger Rising:

In Science, we've continued our study of Geology. We've learned about the importance of healthy watersheds and the water cycle from Mrs. Debigun, who visited with the Cumberland County Water District. We each created a model of a village. We've also studied different types of rock, the rock cycle, and volcanoes. We created Starburst and crayon sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock, and we've played Geology Jeopardy with student-written questions. We were all very excited to go on 2 field trips to both the Yarmouth High School rock wall and Mt. Apatite!

Here are a few pictures: