Helpful Information

I have listed below areas of need for volunteers. Many parents were able to let me know if you would be interested in helping our classroom. Thank you!
  • Organizing monthly book orders
  • Portfolio Filing
  • Clerical (copying, cutting, laminating, etc)
  • Typing student writing  
  • Read aloud book to the class
  • Projects (as they arise)
Helpful Reminders:
  • Birthdays-”no food/gifts” policy, students will receive a special birthday message from classmates
  • Snacks-students often get hungry throughout the day, please make sure they have a large healthy snack
  • Water Bottles- Great idea, just make sure cap is on tight, leakproof
  • Backpacks-please check your child’s bag daily for loose papers or items that should not come to school
  • Labels-please remember to label your child’s clothing, especially winter items

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